Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Travel in a luxurious ECO-Star helicopter over iconic Hoover Dam and Lake Mead along with many other awe-inspiring views en route to a memorable Grand Canyon landing experience.

Soar over the vast Mojave Desert, majestic mountains and striking valleys that characterize the region. You will be treated to multiple highlights, such as an extinct volcano known as Fortification Hill and Temple Rock, a unique formation on the lakeshore.

From high atop the West Rim, you will descend approximately 3,500 feet into the interior of the Grand Canyon, exploring some of the region’s most secluded vistas and landing on a private bluff overlooking the Colorado River. A cool beverage, light snack and champagne toast are served nearly 300 feet above this peaceful stretch of the Colorado River. While there, enjoy your champagne, and capture the panoramic views of the canyon.

Your return flight features intimate views of Black Canyon on the way back to Henderson Executive Airport.

Be advised that this tour does not fly over the Las Vegas Strip during the return flight.

Prices from $409 per person