Corona Virus Update – March 2020

In light of recent events and with all the speculation regarding what is happening in the world, we wanted to let you guys know what is happening in Vegas.

Vegas is taking precautions this weekend to help slow down/prevent the spread of corona virus.

Some pools and nightclubs are closed this weekend, however there’s a few that are still open until further notice.

We fully believe that taking these precautions are for the best right now to contain the virus and to get society moving again.

Remember, wash your hands, stay home if you’re feeling ill and let’s get rid of this virus as quickly as we can, whilst keeping those most at risk safe!

This is only temporary! Vegas will be back up and running to the maximum in no time.

We will keep you guys posted with any new information.

All deposits for cancelled events will be credited for future use.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!!

Joel Gilberto
Founder / CEO

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