Fontaine bleau

FONTAINEBLEAU – Miami to Vegas

If you’ve been waiting for a new spot to open in Las Vegas filled with mouth watering cuisine, exciting nightlife, and impressive architecture, Fontainebleau is here. The 150,000 square foot hotel and casino features 3,600 rooms and has been in construction for over 10 years! The nightlife in particular LIV Nightclub and Beach club (opening March), are Miami transplants that sums up the ultimate clubbing scene. Renowned artists like TIESTO and talk of CALVIN HARRIS are headlining at the infamous venue, and even though the Vegas location is new, it’s set to become one of the most sought-out spots for club connoisseurs. General admission and table service are both available, but if the budget allows we recommend splurging on bottle service to get the whole VIP experience.

From Sushi at KOMODO to Steak at PAPI steak, the dining here shows what the Strip was built on: excellent service and 5-star dishes that will have you revisiting as much as you can while in the city. Make sure to visit the numerous lounges and bars that dot the casino floor, where people will hang out to be seen and to indulge in some top tier libations and people watching. Whether you decide to stay in the hotel or just use it as a place to fill your days and evenings, this spot is a must-do.


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