New York, New York

We imagine most people think they know all they need to about New York from watching the hundreds of movies and shows based in and around the city. Sure, thereʼs the epic monuments and areas like Time Square, The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and of course, Central Park. We here at Upbeat can vouch for the fact that all of these, along with the many other iconic stops throughout NYC, are worth hitting- but we donʼt just want to stop there. We scoured the city to find the trendiest New York bars, clubs, restaurants and hot spots, ensuring that our clients not only get the grand tour of one of the coolest cities on Earth, but also get to feel like an insider while there.

New York is never short of options and activities during both the days and nights. A great way to see as much of the city as possible while playing tourist is the Big Bus Tours- a hop on hop off experience that allows visitors to spend as much time as they want among the must-doʼs of NY, while also allowing anyone who prefers to simply sit atop a double decker and take in the sights as it traverses the busy city streets. Take in a Yankees game, or even rent a Jet Ski for a different perspective, which you can use to check out the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from the water. The Ground Zero Observation Deck should be seen- although sobering it is a landmark that reminds us all of the value of human life and to cherish both the lives of our loved ones and our selves. You can even wait in line to watch a filming of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, with an assurance of seeing one or two celebrities on the set. If that still doesnʼt knock everything off your list, theres ice skating in Central Park during the winter months, and yes, it is as awesome as it looks in the movies.

The New York nightlife scene is actually like something straight out of a movie, with rooftop bars spanning the entire city. Brooklyn and Manhattan are host to some of the best, constantly opening pop up theme bars or offering views of the New York skyline that will blow your mind. The Wythe Hotel offers just one of these views, while bars like Magic Hour sit just a few blocks down from the Empire State Building and serve cocktails so elaborate they deserve their own Instagram post. Secret bars and restaurants are a staple of New York nightlife. All throughout the city you can find eateries like La Esquina, which poses as a corner store but has a secret restaurant on a lower level of the ‘shop.ʼ Not only is the food to die for, but you feel exclusive when giving your name for the reservation and being led to a secret room to dine and drink. Mcsorleyʼs, the oldest bar in NYC, still has dust in the corners of the room from years of patronage- youʼll feel like youʼre taking a step through back through history when you sip a pint in their esteemed establishment.

Once youʼve wet your whistle and enjoyed your fill of the delicious New York food that is known the world over, (be it Italian, Chinese, Burgers or Pizza), the clubs await. Tao, 1Oak or the House of Yes set the standards for nightclubs the world over. Live artists, famous DJs and celebrities can be seen almost every night somewhere in the city, with every type of music genre available to partygoers. Club tours offer guests the chance to see multiple venues in one night, leaving nothing to the imagination and providing a memorable experience like none other. The New York club scene is not an activity to be missed during your visit- make sure you leave enough recovery time, though- it gets crazy.

There are so many exciting and unique parts of New York City- we canʼt even begin to list them all. When you visit this incredible place, we here at the Upbeat team assure you that you will get to see every inch of it, all while enjoying the best food, entertainment, drinks and venues. Such an important and memorable trip shouldn’t be left to chance- so get in touch with us to start booking your New York adventure today! We promise you wonʼt regret it.

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