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Fontaine bleau

FONTAINEBLEAU – Miami to Vegas

If you’ve been waiting for a new spot to open in Las Vegas filled with mouth watering cuisine, exciting nightlife, and impressive architecture, Fontainebleau is here. The 150,000 square foot…
peple partying in a pool at a las vegas pool party

A-Z of all the Las Vegas Pool Parties in 2023

Every March through October, pool season transcends over the Las Vegas Strip! Picture Super star DJs, Champagne showers, hot girls, Hunky Athletes, sexy celebrities, and no shortage of booze –…

Las Vegas is still open!

And the team are at their desks, as always, working hard planning everyones ultimate Vegas experiences and bookings are still flying in for the Summer. If you are heading to…

Corona Virus Update – March 2020

In light of recent events and with all the speculation regarding what is happening in the world, we wanted to let you guys know what is happening in Vegas. Vegas…

Welcome to Miami

Miami is known around the world for its epic nightlife, incredible beaches and cultural marvels, which is why it is the perfect holiday destination. Be it relaxing on a white…

From the UK to Australia Upbeat has you covered

As our Upbeat team continues to grow and expand, we find ourselves stretching further and further across the globe to find the best holiday destinations for our clients. With our…

New York, New York

We imagine most people think they know all they need to about New York from watching the hundreds of movies and shows based in and around the city. Sure, thereʼs…

New in Las Vegas this winter and 2020

It is hard to keep up with all of the new experiences that seem to crop up in Las Vegas almost every month. Each year, more hotels, shows, bars, restaurants…

About VIP Table and Bottle Service Las Vegas

Let’s talk about the best reasons to choose a VIP table and bottle service through a VIP Concierge Service while visiting nightclubs, day clubs, pool parties and DJ parties in…

The Best Pool Parties in Las Vegas

Vegas is known for its wild parties, but the pool parties in Sin City are a whole new level of crazy. Scantily clad waitresses, cake throwing DJs and hundreds of people with no inhibitions will have you throwing your arms in the air every time that dirty beat drops.

What to do in Vegas in May?

May is one of the busiest months of the year for pool parties, especially on Memorial Day Weekend. Celebrities and VIPs flock to the biggest dayclubs while top-name DJs provide…

What’s New in Las Vegas 2019?

There can be no question that Las Vegas is a never-ending spiral of new and enticing restaurants, bars, casinos and clubs. This city was built on change and advancement, with new venues cropping up faster than people can keep track. The term ‘out with the old and in with the new’ is Sin City’s adopted slogan, so it is no surprise that 2019 will bring many changes and exciting additions.

The 8 Things You Have To See In Vegas

We understand there’s a list of activities to do in Vegas a mile long, but we want to make sure you make the most of your trip. We’ve complied our top picks so that you can feel like you’ve done and seen it all- without the hassle of spending hours searching the web for the best companies or options.

The Man Behind Upbeat Vegas – An Introduction

Not everybody wakes up to an email from a group of English blokes planning a stag do in Vegas with a request for ‘a midget to be handcuffed to the groom’ and ‘an Alan lookalike to tag along with them on their night out:’ but that’s all in a days work for Upbeat founder Joel Gilbert.