Traveling to Las Vegas in 2023 you need to read this!!!

Whether you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas this year, or this is the first time it has crossed your mind, there are so many things to look forward to! Of course, you have your choice of the usual suspects, including top-tier restaurants, opulent nightclubs, and debaucherous pool parties, but a variety of new hotels, venues, and entertainment is coming to the Strip — and they are going to be BIG. Some old favorites will be getting a new revamp, while some completely fresh spots will also make an appearance, and they are sure to blow your mind. If you haven’t booked your flights yet: don’t hesitate, because this might be Vegas’ biggest year yet!

MSG sphere:
The $1.8 billion state-of-the-art performance project is due to open later this year. Iconic rock band U2 is set to headline the grand opening, and the venue will boast a capacity of 20k, an LED Screen spanning 3 football fields, and the world’s highest resolution of 170 million megapixels. The Sphere will use an acoustic system that utilizes “beamforming” technology, with 157,000 ultra-directional speakers to give visitors the most immersive listening experience around. It will also feature an infrasound haptic system that allows audiences to actually feel the sound- needles to say: We’re all very excited!

The Miami hotel branch has been a staple and a must-see since it opened, and the property in Vegas where they are breaking ground has been lying dormant on the strip for nearly 10 years. Every Vegas local has heaved a sigh of relief after the announcement about Fontaine Blue came to press. With plans to make it one of the largest resorts on the strip and the Fontaine brand being renowned for class and sophistication. This will be a huge addition to Vegas, only serving to increase the incredible options for visitors and locals alike.

The Hard Rock Hotel Guitar:
When Hard Rock announced the sale of their casino here in town, a lot of people were sad because of the history it carried within the city. An endless number of crazy parties and events at their pool and clubs were part of the iconic and legendary name, but Virgin took over and ensured some of the epic parts of the brand remain. Fast Forward 2 years and the news is out that not only is The Hard Rock returning to Vegas, BUT they’re building the casino in the shape of their staple guitar on the Strip! With their connections to such big names and acts, we know they’ll be bringing a vast array of talent, eats, entertainment, and experiences to Vegas.

Ballys to Horseshoe:
One of the longest-standing casinos here in Vegas was no doubt due a revamp, and their multi-million dollar refurb of the shopping district in front of their casino was the final push to ensure one. Under the new name “Horseshoe,” the plans have us very excited! With their rebranded title in place, they’ve announced a list of new restaurants and bars – but we’re all the most excited about their new adult arcade!

BrewDog bar:
This new venue’s rapid expansion and the amazing line of craft beers it offers has made this Scottish brand a must while in Vegas. Their latest addition is the rooftop bar at the MGM, which offers amazing views, food/beer selections, and games.

F1 in Nov:
When the F1 was announced, every F1 fan on planet earth had their ears perked up for the details. Naturally, everyone tried to purchase tickets for this major event – because not only is it once in a lifetime but promises to be filled with some epic events. With some crazy designs and plans for a grandstand in front of the Bellagio fountains, the F1 will turn Vegas into a flurry of excitement and indulgence. Visitors can get great views from nearly all of the strip casinos if they’re able to afford the tickets/hotel pricing, making it a proper bucket list event.

Flight Club Darts Bar and Kamu
Both located inside the Venetian resort, these new additions offer a great bar hopping experience. The Flight club will be similar to top golf, but with Darts! Along with a great selection of beers and champagne, the venue has a merry-go-round and circus/carnival vibe that will leave patrons feeling young and worry-free while inside. Once you’re sufficiently tipsy, make your way to Kamu Karaoke and book into one of their multiple private karaoke rooms, which range from standard to VIP. Settle in, then order food and bottles to your heart’s content.

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