From the UK to Australia Upbeat has you covered

As our Upbeat team continues to grow and expand, we find ourselves stretching further and further across the globe to find the best holiday destinations for our clients. With our North American cities blossoming across the board, weʼve no set our sights on the United Kingdom and Australasia. We are headed back to our roots, preparing some of the most incredible cities for our arrival, where we will be offering our Upbeat guests even more adventures, parties and memories to last a lifetime.

In the United Kingdom we have scouted some of the best cities which offer a variety of choice for group holidays. London, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle will be our starting points- each city providing a wicked scope of nightlife, excursions and rich British history that will make your head spin. Tour London like never before, taking in the sights and sounds of one of the most amazing cities in the world, or drink and party your way through Newcastle- often considered the ‘best nights outʼ by anyone who has visited. No matter the UK destination, there is something for the entire crew, ensuring everyone will get the most out of their trip, as has always been the Upbeat guarantee.

Down under there is a whole new world of experiences to be had, with cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Cannes and Brisbane offering visitors a plethora of enjoyment and adventure. A cheeky few nights in Byron spent bar hopping, relaxing on the beach and shopping the famous Aussie styles is just one way to start or end a trip, filling in the rest of the trip with whatever your heart desires. Check out the legendary vibes that put Melbourne on the map, sipping the best coffees around and bar or club hopping through the city. Sydney beaches are known around the world for their grandeur, and the sights, nightlife and excursions live up to the reputation.

No matter how far off the beaten track your next holiday destination takes you, let Upbeat show you the world in their true individual fashion, making sure every aspect of your trip is planned to perfection. No detail is too small, no location too far, so get in touch today to start booking your next adventure.

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