What Will Travelling Look Like in a Post Lockdown World?

There are many of us that have itchy feet right now, travelling is a passion and something that helps us navigate an otherwise mundane life. Lockdown has been challenging for many people and the news that July will see the return of our travel rights has come as really great news. Here at Upbeat Travel the cogs in the brain are already working out where to go, what to see and how to get there. When borders reopen, domestic and overseas travel will undoubtedly be popular once more.

Of course, in this strange post lockdown world there will have to be regulations put in place to safeguard everyone involved in the travel industry from passengers to staff. The team at Upbeat Travel are dedicated to ensuring that we stay up to date with EASA and ICAO guidance regarding public health for holidays. We are working hard with all our partners to ensure that your holiday experiences will be as close to post pandemic as possible. As yet we do not have the full details available for each destination but, we will get these ready within the next few weeks for you. What we know is there will need to be things like later check-ins to ensure locations have enough time to perform the advanced cleaning required after each guest, fewer guests will be able to travel in transfer vehicles, and we must continue to comply with social distancing and hand washing/sanitising in public areas.

We are passionate about travel, and our team here at Upbeat Travel are just as eager as you to get back in the air and see more of the wonderful world we live in. We’ve asked our staff to tell us more about where they would like to travel once restrictions are lifted and here’s what they said:

‘I’m usually in between Las Vegas and the UK for most of the year, when lockdown struck I was in the UK so I’m dying to get back to my favourite city and host our clients into some of the best pool parties and nightclubs in the world and also enjoy summer Vegas post down lockdown celebrations for myself.’
Chris Campbell, Director, Location: Upbeat Travel – UK

‘Before the lockdown hit, I was planning to go to Bali. So that will be my first destination, And I can’t wait to explore this amazing location. I have been locked down here at Upbeat Vegas and look forward to the contrast between the busy city life of Vegas and the beaches and mountains of Bali.’
Joel Gilberto, Director, Location: Upbeat Travel – Las Vegas

‘I love Las Vegas, it’s my home, but when I travel, I like to see lots of different places and I have my heart set on the stunningly beautiful island of Mykonos. So that’s where I’ll be headed as soon as we’re allowed to travel again. It is a legendary destination for vibrant nightlife, so I want to see how that compares to here in Las Vegas.’
Josie Devonport, Head of Operations, Location: Upbeat Travel – Las Vegas

‘My lockdown has been in the UK, and I love it here, but my next travel plans involve Amsterdam! I have my eye on a canal boat tour, maybe in the evening on one of the pizza- serving boats, and the Van Gogh museum. I have taken advantage of the online lockdown tour but now I really want to see it all in person! So, that is my destination of choice, looking forward to hearing all about yours.’
Ida Bjerkis, Social Media and Creative Director, Location: Upbeat Travel – UK

‘I think when travel restrictions are lifted, I plan to head out Australia and checkout the Gold Coast and maybe learn to surf. One of the things we really don’t seem to have here in the UK is the white sand found on the many beaches in Queensland. I think the UK has some really stunning beaches, but I am definitely looking forward to checking these out’
Joe Hewson, Sales Executive, Location: Upbeat Travel – UK

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