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When is the best time to plan your Las Vegas Trip?

A consistent question we get asked at UpbeatVegas.com is whether or not it is a good idea to make your Vegas bookings in advance such as VIP table reservations and activities?

Yes and No. 

When it comes to VIP Table and Bottle service at the Las Vegas nightclubs and pool parties, we recommend booking around 3-6 months in advance to take advantage of the lower spends, bottle deals and any early bird discounts that venues will sometimes offer. Not to say you can’t wait until all the DJ line ups have been fully announced, which is usually 1-3 months prior to the dates, where you’ll at least know the DJ but also may find that the pricing has gone up due to a huge act announcement. If you have however decided on an impromptu / last minute trip or have a large group of people who can’t decide then all’s not lost by all means! Only on the weekends do big events usually sell out and occasionally there will be cancellations, but with that being said you’ll also potentially be fighting with 20 other groups of people and the highest bidder is usually victorious. 

Club or Pool party tours – Most of the tours run a very similar lineup year round alternating between multiple super clubs and pools so it doesn’t matter too much about their venue lineups as they can change weekly. The main reason we advise pre booking these well in advance is that they offer great early bird and multi day packages which tend to be an all round great value for money deal! 

Activities – Such as the Limousines, Gun ranges, Helicopter tours, Dune buggies and pretty much any other popular tour that Vegas has to offer we again recommend pre booking, but usually 4-6 weeks will suffice here. Although always double check with your Vegas expert as since Covid we’ve found it’s been busier than previous years and each activity is different. 

All in all, we always just ask; “why would you want to risk the stress?” Just get it booked and fully enjoy your Vegas experience free of headaches.

Other Frequently asked questions – 

How much to lock in VIP table service? – This is venue dependent but usually itll either be a deposit of around 25% of the total or full payment upfront for any big event in summer. 

What if our trip gets canceled? – Most venues will offer a full refund up to a month or so out from the date, otherwise it will be a venue credit that can be used another day / night at that venue or another one within their brand 

We’ve been told different from a random promoter – Be wary of promoters who do not work directly for the venue and cant provide their Gamers license or an up to date business license. Unfortunately there are some shady characters in Las vegas looking to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists! Check out an article we had published here for more advice on this! 

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